Visualizing in 3D

Sometimes parts of a plan are difficult to visualize and small changes may not seem worth the cost and hassle. This is where being able to see things in 3D comings in handy. Our cabinet and tile vendors often draw 3D pictorials of what our client’s cabinet layouts and tile designs will look like at installation. This is convenient, not just for proper installation of the product, but also for spearheading any possibly changes that may be necessary before those pieces come into play.

We have also used CAD on several occasions to to mock up custom bookcases and other carpentry work for sections of a house, but now we are testing out rendering the whole plan in 3D to help our client’s visualize their selections and changes as they would appear in the home.

For example, in the image below, we are assisting our client with visualizing opening up a hallway area so that there will be more room to maneuver to the owner’s bedroom beyond. As this will be a home for a retired couple, the more room you have in your hallway areas the better going forward. A three foot wide hallway, which is standard, seems perfectly adequate until you visualize it with 10′ ceilings and now the hallway looks cramped and very narrow due to the high ceilings.

Often these small changes just need to be seen to get their full impact. That is difficult when staring at an empty lot and a change must be made before framing starts. Fortunately, we may now be able to see a little bit more and we are excited to continue to test out this new tool and see how useful it can be for our clients.


Visualizing in 3D
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