Thank you, Veterans

Today and everyday, we say thank you to not only the Veterans within our families, but to all Veterans across the country. We appreciate your service, sacrifices and courage. We are always extremely proud to work with our Service Members and their families to create the homes of their dreams that meet their needs. Universal design and Aging In Place is not only for those planning for their senior years, it is for anyone in need of better design for a more accessible home.

Veterans often need wider hallways for wheelchairs, walking with service animals or for a less claustrophobic space. Uniquely placed handrails assist with everything from sitting or standing, extra stability while showering and general independence without always needing a second person. Lever handles provide extra areas that a service animal can open and close for their handler. Ramps and elevators/future elevator shafts often make the more cost effective 2-story home design possible when a ranch style home exceeds the budget.

Whatever the unique need might be, it does not matter, because we are custom home builders and it’s what we do.

Thank you, Veterans.
-The MorningStar Homes, Inc. Team

Thank you, Veterans
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