Kind Words From Clients

TODD & KELLY / Chapel Ridge

We built a Southern Living home in Texas and wanted to build another one in Raleigh. We found MorningStar online and started communicating with them for more than a year before we were able to start construction. We valued the reputation that the Southern Living name brings to the selection process for their builders. We have become good friends with John and Steve, and we are thrilled with how painless the homebuilding process was. We get compliments on our home all the time!

MARK & JULIE / Chapel Ridge

The MorningStar folks are like family and made our house their home too. The knowledge that they bring to the table is evident throughout the process. You can tell that they have built countless homes. Barbara is amazing and spent countless hours with us going over all the little details in our home. We love our home!


I’m a quality engineer by trade and seeing the level of quality in MorningStar’s construction was attractive to me. That’s why I chose MorningStar. They did a wonderful job and we have become good friends in the process.


When we decided to move from the Boone, N.C. area to Raleigh, we were looking for a builder whom we could trust, who would be easy to work with, and who was known for high-quality workmanship. We found MorningStar.
We took a spec house already designed and added a number of design features to meet our needs. Steve worked with us to explain the trade-offs involved, came up with all the necessary documents and plans, and built the house on time and within budget
We heartily recommend MorningStar to anyone who wants that “special” house and a builder you can trust.

EARL & LENORE / Chapel Ridge

The MorningStar team took care of everything so that we didn’t have to think of all the little details. They did a beautiful job …. They built a special area for our dogs and it was never a problem for them.


MorningStar Homes is a small, tight-knit, caring company. Sure, they are running a business, but we spent countless hours with the owners, and that really put us at ease. The owners were constantly at the job site overseeing the subs and even getting their own hands dirty when something was not right or needed a little extra attention. It was comforting to know that our builders were not building ten houses at a time and that they were always a phone call or a short drive away.

If I had to sum it up, I would say MorningStar genuinely cared about building our house (and, just as importantly, us). I have worked in large companies, small companies, even owned my own company and have found that business is as much about personal relationships as it is anything else. The builders at MorningStar put us at ease throughout the process. We always felt comfortable being honest with them and asking questions. We did not always get the answer we wanted, but we always understood their position. We could not have asked for a better outcome and we all thank MorningStar very much for everything they did.


As a past customer, and current homeowner, I highly recommend MorningStar.

This recommendation does not come lightly, as this is the third newly constructed home I have owned. I have worked with many contractors on both building and renovations of prior homes. MorningStar uses plans and designs that are aesthetically pleasing and that maximize the functional use of space. All materials used are of high quality. There are no shortcuts or compromises.

Having “checked in” on the house while it was being finished, I can say that MorningStar employs quality tradesmen and materials in the construction. Also, the follow-up on getting things fixed once we had moved in was never a problem. I know that MorningStar stands behind their homes, guaranteeing your satisfaction. I have lived in my home now for two years and have been a very satisfied and proud owner. Strangers comment to us on how beautiful our house is, and I have to agree with them.

RICK & DIANNE / Chapel Ridge

From the first to the last steps in building our new custom home, MorningStar Homes demonstrated professional expertise and transparency. The specifications package, contracts and price estimates were religously adhered to with no “surprises.” The craftmanship of the subcontractors was excellent, and change requests were handled without issue. The result was a high-quality, beautiful home which exceeded all of our expectations for the cost we agreed to.


We couldn’t be more pleased with the new home that MorningStar built for us. The quality of the workmanship is first rate and is obvious not only to us, but also to all of our friends and relatives who visit us. John and Steve were a pleasure to work with. They were patient in answering our questions, responsive to our concerns and accommodating to our needs. We would recommend MorningStar to anyone interested in having a quality home built for them.


Years ago, I promised myself that I would never build a house, and for 79 years I kept my promise. Today, however, I am a very proud owner of a MorningStar Home! Steve and Barbara were an invaluable help to my daughter, overseeing the building of our house. There is absolutely no way I could improve on any aspect of our home. It is perfect.


It was a pleasure working with Steve, John and Barbara at MorningStar Homes as they built our home this past year. Their expertise in the building process, their patience as we asked a thousand questions, and their willingness to allow our input in adding special features to their design allowed us to be fully satisfied with the experience. We have built two other homes in a different state and have found MorningStar Homes’ craftsmanship, attention to detail and caring about our needs to be superior. They truly care about making your home YOUR home. These are fine, patient, nice people who complete quality work, care about you and listen to you as they build your home. We highly recommend them if you are considering building a home!


Anne and I want to thank you for building such a quality home for us. We are very aware of what goes into making a quality, custom home. The extras in detail and quaility have made a home that we truly enjoy and are proud of. It is perfect for our lifestyle. We have recently had many sets of visitors who have all consistently been impressed with the home. It was a pleasure to work with you and we appreciate your diligence, service and especially your integrity. It is so nice to be working with people who are so obviusly honest and straightforward.

DONNA & LEO J. / Chapel Ridge

Choosing Morningstar Homes as our custom home builder to build our new home was definitely the best family decision that we made! As property owners in the Chapel Ridge golf community in Pittsboro, NC, we interviewed several potential builders before making our final choice.

We were seeking a company based on certain criteria and experience in certain areas such as custom home, green, energy-efficient features, including major solar installations; accessible/universal and sustainable design. Since we would be working with Morningstar Homes on a long distance basis for the majority of the building process, we needed a team of professionals who would be detailed-oriented and easy to work with regarding the specifics involved in building a custom home.

Every aspect of the process, from architectural design, site development, to choosing interior finishes and the overall process was wonderful and lots of fun! Their customer-oriented, friendly approach combined with their professionalism and expertise was beyond compare.

Having worked in corporate positions for many years, both Leo and I have had business relationships with a variety of companies across the country. In our opinion, Morningstar Homes is one of the best companies that we have ever worked with on any project. They successfully combine extraordinary business practices, superb customer service, overall professionalism and a great team to create a truly enjoyable experience and deliver superior craftsmanship with every detail.

Working with John Lile, Steve Jellicorse and Barbara Lile as our key contacts, the building process was on time and on budget resulting in a gorgeous home that exceeded our expectations. The Morningstar Homes team contributed numerous great ideas, cost saving concepts, and suggestions as well as accommodating our ideas during our positive building experience.

Since moving to Chapel Ridge, we have had numerous people come to our door asking us who built our home and have received many compliments regarding our home’s interior and exterior design and features from relatives, friends and neighbors. We have enthusiastically recommended Morningstar Homes to each and every person whom we have spoken to over the past year.

We would highly recommend Morningstar Homes to anyone who wants to own a fabulous new home and to have an enjoyable, fun experience along the way.

JIM & JO ANN B. / Chapel Ridge

Thanks so much for your patience with us during this first year in our new home. We do love the house. It is a very energy efficient one, by design, your counsel in right-fitting the insulation, windows and doors, as well as the construction. Talking with other folks out here in Chapel Ridge, we are so glad we went with Morningstar – it was a great building our first house experience!

JEANNE T. / Chapel Ridge

After interviewing several builders, I met with John Lile and knew right away who I wanted to build my home. Building a custom home can be overwhelming, but John made the process so much easier than I anticipated. Barbara was a great help in all of the choices I had to make along the way. Co-Construct is an excellent on-line program that helps to keep close contact with teh builder and to document all the decisions and choices. Any problems that occured during the construction process were always resolved in a timely fashion. I believe my home is a well built one with much attention to detail. I have received many compliments from all who have come to visit.

Many Thanks for my beautiful new Home!!


Thinking about building a new home was an overwhelming prospect. After a lot of internet searching and interviewing a few custom builders; MorningStar Homes, Inc. was by far the best choice. Words cannot express just how thrilled we are with the experience we had working with this family run team at MorningStar. From our first meeting they were very professional, honest, and upfront about the challenges and expectations that we would encounter during our build. MorningStar collaborated with us to give us exactly what we wanted and needed: a beautiful forever home where every day is like being on vacation, in our ‘dream home’.

We felt that MorningStar was our partner in this endeavor and kept our best interests in mind. The pride they took in building our home was like they were building their very own home. Along the way, the recommendations that John, Justin, and Barbara made were thoughtful and extremely helpful. The planning and design process that MorningStar leverages can be a little daunting, initially. But making all of the tile, fixture, flooring, countertop, cabinet… choices upfront helps to insure a better initial price quote and helps to minimize delays during the build process.

They ensured that their subcontractors on the job followed the highest of standards and craftmanship. Each sub was amazing to work with. They took pride in their work and the end results demonstrate that pride and attention to detail.

It’s not to say that we didn’t run into challenges. They are to be expected on a project of this scope. It’s how the MorningStar team dealt with those challenges that helps to set them apart. Clear, constant, and timely communication were key to this successful build. The use of the project tracking application, CoConstruct, help to ensure that we were always up to date and on the same page.

It was very refreshing to be able to work with such a wonderful company that possess such ethics and character that MorningStar does.


“We are so thrilled with every detail of our home! We’ve loved living here the last few months and we look forward to spending forever here, making memories here and growing our family here! We have you to thank for making that happen for us! We can’t possibly thank you enough and we truly appreciate all of the work that went into making our dream home a reality!”

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