Lake Gaston Estate Update

Our older followers may remember a few years back when we began working on the designs for an Estate home at Lake Gaston, the Lyons Creek Estate at Lake Gaston. Unfortunately, that project had to be put on hold for a bit while the economy rebounded, but we are happy to say that it is back in the works with a planned 2021-2022 build! The final plans should be coming out of design very soon and we will be able to move into permitting and gauge a good time to start, based on the current costs of lumber. I know everyone is hopeful that costs will come back down closer to normal this fall for everything, not just construction materials.

To read more about the Lyons Creek Estate build, visit our Lyons Creek Estate – Lake Gaston page.

In addition to the first Lake Gaston estate ramping back up, we are also currently in design for a second Lake Gaston Estate home! This home will also be for empty nesters with basement space for guests and grandkids. It will feature a living room full of glass to look out and enjoy views of the lake. Stay tuned for more information about the Lake Gaston Estate 2 soon.

Lake Gaston Estate Update
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