Grading and Material at Lake Gaston

The heavy rains over the last few months have made progress at the Lake Gaston lots slower than usual. Coupled with material and labor shortages and we are crawling along behind our other builds, but we keep taking baby steps forward regardless!

In between rain storms we have been working on the grading of both lots. The rain has actually been helpful in that we can see the changes in the water patterns with each storm and can adjust the contours appropriately to move the water away from the foundations. Normally this time of year we are deep in draught, so it is a benefit to be able to proactively work through potential drainage issues now while we are waiting on material.

Speaking of material, we finally received a small amount of framing materials for both lots last week! With any luck we will start framing the Lake Gaston Estate 2 lot this week if the weather cooperates. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

To see more about the Lake Gaston Estates, so the Lyons Creek Estate and Lake Gaston Estate 2 pages.

Lyon’s Creek Estate – Lake Gaston (Lake Gaston Estate 1)

Lake Gaston Estate 2

Grading and Material at Lake Gaston
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