Exterior Paint at Eno Springs 2!

It’s a big milestone day at the Eno Springs 2 Estate, the exterior paint is mostly done! This is by far the one milestone that makes a custom build feel the most unique. Even when clients choose to build very similar floor plans as another one of our custom builds, as is the case here, the exterior paint and finish choices always make it stand alone and look nothing like anything we’ve built before.

This bold, beautiful look will continue to improve in the coming months with the addition of a wood accent wall, galvanized metal roof accents, exterior lights and lighting and of course, landscaping at the end. Just like always, we are anxious to see the end product and see all of our client’s selections come together. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

To see more about this custom build project, head over to our Eno Springs Estate 2 page.

Exterior Paint at Eno Springs 2!
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