Anderson Ridge Farm

This quaint home by Frank Betz and Associates, is built on a 15 acre lot out in the country north of the town of Hillsborough. At 2,200 heated square feet it is one of our smallest homes we have built to date, but still very custom. Included in this build is a matching horse barn with three stalls and a tack room.

One thing that is notable about this home is that it is what we characterize as a “hybrid” green home. The client has health concerns centered around indoor air quality, but was not interested in a full “green” build and certification. So, we spent time with them understanding their concerns and came up with a solution to fit their budget as well as address their concerns. The two biggest areas of impact when it comes to indoor air quality are the use of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and fresh air. VOC’s are not good for a person with a compromised health system so we used low or no VOC materials throughout the home. Paint, flooring, cabinets are the big three that contribute to VOC’s. Because the homes being built today are so tight, getting fresh air into the home is even more important. This HVAC system incorporates a ERV component that brings in fresh air from the outside, filters and conditions it, then introduces it into the home.

STATUS: Home and horse barn are now complete!



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